Emanuel Hand-cut Headjoints are available in Gold, Platinum and Silver.

Headjoint taper design

Crucial to the sonority of any flute is the headjoint taper. The sonority of Emanuel Headjoints is deeply affected by their unique taper design. Our goal is to make headjoints with expressive and malleable sonority, great projection yet easy playability for a wide range of players of all levels.

Any custom choice or combination of gold, platinum and silver are available upon request.

Some of the options:

Solid gold

  • 10K Rose gold tube with 14K Lip plate riser and crown
  • 14K Rose gold
  • 14K White gold tube with 14K rose gold embouchure
  • 19.5K Rose gold tube with 14K rose gold embouchure
  • 22K Rose gold tube with 14K Rose gold embouchure


  • Platinum tube with 14K embouchure and crown.
  • Platinum tube with platinum riser and 14k lip plate.
  • Platinum riser for silver or gold headjoints.

Sterling silver

  • Sterling silver .016 or .014 wall tube
  • Sterling silver 14k Rose gold riser
  • 14k Rose gold lip plate and riser
  • 14k Rose gold crown