Günter Rumpel

“After two months with your flute, I have got back the essential feeling of flute playing which I missed during many years. I regret that I did not change earlier but at the same time this late change makes me happy ! It’s what I searched for, the qualities of modern flutes (well in tune, wide dynamics, clear staccato) with the projecting and colourful sound of the best French tradition of flute making as Lot, Bonneville and later Powell and Haynes.
I like very much the mechanical feeling of your flute. Maybe I am a little bit crazy to order a second Emanuel Flute at my age, but for me the small difference between two near identical instruments stimulates my playing. So I prefer to have two excellent silver flutes instead of one golden instrument.
I hope you are well!

Sincerely yours,
Günter Rumpel”



Günter Rumpel: Principal Flute of The Zürcher Tonhalle Orchester (1974-2002), Lecturer at the Zurich Academy of Music and Drama, Zurich
Emanuel flutes serial numbers 213 and 219