A 30 year Anniversary of Emanuel Flutes

In 2021 a renowned brand Emanuel Flutes, based in the Boston area, USA marks 30 years of making flutes of an exceptional sound and artistic quality. At the end of August Sofia de Salis met with a Master flutemaker Emanuel Arista in Zurich, Switzerland to talk about his work and vision of the flute handmaking art.

Read Emanuel’s interview in The Babel Flute magazine

The Russian-Swiss flutist Sofia de Salis has received international recognition and has established herself as a soloist with exceptional musicality and rare sound quality. She is a sought-after guest artist at international festivals such as December Nights (Moscow), Festival de la Côte and Stars on the Rhine (Basel). Sofia recorded two albums, which received excellent reviews from listeners and critics. Her master classes and live broadcasts on social networks have incredible popularity and a huge number of subscribers.